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The LL&B Freeze Gel is finally here! This 10ml “brow lamination in a bottle” ultra-strong clear gel doubles as a brow gel & sealant for lash extensions. Being smudge proof, water proof & oil proof, this gel is a must-have in your makeup routine. Not only will it last all day, but it won’t flake or leave a grey-cast on your eyebrows, like most clear eyebrow gels on the market do. If you thought it couldn’t get better, it does! Not only is this the best brow gel, but it doubles as a lash sealant for lash extensions. If you love that spikey, “wet look” for your extensions, a couple swipes of this through your lashes will give that effect without impacting your retention at all. All you need to do is use your lash cleanser and a spoolie to brush the sealant off at the end of the day! This freeze gel is dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested and approved, and completely safe for the eye area & skin.

LL&B Freeze Gel - Brow Gel & Lash Sealant

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