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Lash Lifting & Tinting Complete Kit:

Full Kit Includes: 

-5 Sets of Lash Box LA Lash Lifting Solutions - individual packets - enough for 5 lash lifting services

-Lip wands



-Silicone Spoolie

-Tint mixing cups

-Metal Lash pick/separator

-Full Tube of Black eyelash tint - enough for 20+ tinting services

-11 ml dropper bottle of 10 volume 3% oxidant developer

-5 sets of Anatomical/triangle lash lift shields, assorted sizes

-5 sets hydrogel unde-eye pads

-Unscented lami glueless "glue balm"

-Lash Lifting clear glue

-LL&B Lash Cleanser

-Lash Cleansing soft bristle brush


Lash Lift & Tint Kit

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